ABSOLUTO SM-12 is a Host Meter of 34 smart meters developed to bill a plurality of clients from a single hardware.

Considered the most significant worldwide invention for billing measurement, ABSOLUTO is the only multi-consumer meter in the world, providing the most intelligent, effective and economical way to apply smart meters to electricity distribution.

More specifically, ABSOLUTO SM-12 is a digital electronic meter whose execution, mechanical and electrical arrangement – as well as the implementation of hardware and software – make available 34 predetermined smart meters (12 single-phase, 11 biphasic and 10 three-phase 15A (120A), 30A phase 1 (200A)) that share all physical components of the Host Meter ‘s 12 measuring elements.

The 34 predetermined meters are independent from each other, with individual identities and records, numbered and registered in the factory, according to all the current standards of the legal metrology sector.

It is managed by a firmware that performs the association of the measuring elements, standardizing and limiting the usage settings. This makes it highly secure for business relationships, with auditing, traceability, and certification requirements.

Created from a worldwide unique and innovative design, ABSOLUTO SM-12 aims to meet the need to bill and combat losses in different applications in collectives – whether in traditional distribution boxes energy measurement areas of collective use buildings or boxed on public roads.

It includes all the features of a smart meter, multi-energy, multi-rate billing for energy and demand, load prfile, tamper detection, alarms and events, disconnect/reconnect switch, micro-generation and prepay metering supprt. All this without the need of any physical intervention in the equipment, which can be configured remotely.

Through multiprotocol communication interfaces, ABSOLUTO SM-12 supports various communication technologies from different providers of distribution management solutions.

Lightweight, compact, versatile and equipped with a terminal block connection and disconnection system, it replaces and standardizes centralized metering systems in their different applications, making installation and maintenance processes more economical and less complex.

The reduced cost to implement centralized metering on public roads provides a massive expansion of this application in distributors, due to the easy implementation of smart metering and the protection of revenue in most concession regions.

In collective use buildings, ABSOLUTO SM-12 enables a new layout architecture, reducing large spaces that are unusable by the large number of individual meters. It creates a significant economic advantage for builders and distributors and, consequently, for the final consumer.

Furthermore, by facilitating the expansion of centralized measurement on public roads, this application plays an important social function. In addition to providing operational cost reduction and smart metering implementation – and consequently reduction of the energy tariff for the consumer – SM-12 allows the revision of input standards, drastically reducing the cost of connecting new consumer units. It facilitates access to energy and reduces clandestine connections.

This concept also contributes to sustainability, since one single HW serves a plurality of customers, reducing the amount of electronic equipment discarded over the years, with lower environmental overload.

Likewise, the disposable terminal block allows a partial replacement of the equipment, keeping noble materials such as copper and steel in field. It does not happen in conventional meters, since a recycling process is necessary for the reuse of these materials.

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