Our products are designed to connect with different communication solutions applied in intelligent networks and cities.

Internet of Things (IoT) is already a reality in Brazil and in the world. Only in 2018, the IoT market will exceed US $ 8 billion in Brazil. Projections up to 2025 are even more encouraging, with growth potential reaching $ 200 billion mark. Therefore, we face a fully scalable technological reality positively impacting different sectors of the economy.

STAR MEASURE is an outstanding stakeholder within these advancements. Our product lines are developed in order to guarantee connectivity with different types of applications related to Intelligent Management of Electric Power Networks and Smart Cities. To do so, we have created multiprotocol universal interfaces, with easy integration to systems and communication technologies.

We expand our intelligence through different applications, bring positive outcomes to the society and the environment, while increasing companies’ efficiency. Our products are fully adaptable to the continuous technological development. Equipments are designed to follow innovation without the need of great substitutions over time. In this way, we guarantee economic benefits to our customers through less costly processes.

For us, partnerships represent an important strategy to leverage new technologies. Through them we keep updated with what is most modern in management and communication systems of energy distributors.

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