Result of the partners’ extensive experience in combating commercial losses from power distributors, easyTRAFO is the easiest way to monitor distribution transformers.

Designed to meet the requirements of precision, robustness, durability and practicality in operation, easyTRAFO is an electric energy meter to be applied in the bus of the distribution transformers aiming the calculation of the energy balance and monitors the quality of electric power supply.

Every year, in Brazil, non-technical energy losses undertake significant portion of the revenue from distributors and burden tariffs of the company.

With low cost for acquisition and installation, easyTRAFO allows distributors perform the energy balance measurement in the distribution,  helping to identify commercial losses, indicating and directing inspection, increasing assertiveness, and ultimately, reducing operating costs.

easyTRAFO – a single balance energy meter with six measuring elements – was designed to calculate the balance with high precision, even without the presence of smart meters in the customers, including measurement public lighting.

easyTRAFO also has a slot for connecting communication modules of different technologies, according to the best practices for integration within a modular concept.

Through this multiprotocol communication interface, it supports various communication technologies from different solutions providers focused on the distribution management and can provide real-time information about the power supply distribution.

Our proven expertise and high infrastructure guarantee the offer of solutions with competitive costs, enabling projects of different extensions.

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