The high competitiveness imposed mainly by the digital economy makes Research and Development (R & D) a fundamental tool for all companies wishing to be pioneers in innovation.

A strategy focused on R & D keeps the market full of new products, with lower cost and higher quality, moving the economy as a whole. In addition, investment in innovation is the guarantee of future competitive advantage.

In this process, not only the own investments directed to build research centers inside the companies, but also strategic partnerships among different actors make technological innovation a reality with outstanding results.

Although it has presented improvements, Brazil is still not a world reference in R & D. It is still being born in the culture of most companies the need to direct relevant efforts to create innovation from the inside out.

Once creativity and high technical capacity is the essence of our DNA, we have assumed a social role as innovation promoters. We believe it is the best way to build a solid base of recognition that, in a few years, will place Brazil as a reference in technology production. Further more, it will increase the value of our national companies.

The implementation of an own R & D center requires medium or long term strategy, something that we always foment in our team. The rapid identification of opportunities and massive financial investments in innovation are other characteristics that mark our history.

We see partnerships as a great opportunity to garner not only financial success, but also relevant social and environmental impact. We strongly associate the idea of R & D with sustainable development, one of our pillars.

For this reason, our customers, suppliers and other partners are in a prominent position. We believe the union of efforts between talented people can create great ideas and, consequently, truly disruptive products and solutions.