Until 2004, general Smart Measurement investments focused only on remote measurement, cut and reconnect.Starting in 2005, faced with the projection of exponential growth in demand for electricity, issues such as establishing energy efficiency targets and reducing greenhouse gases have led to a new agenda. From this, the Smart Grid concept was consolidated, expanding worldwide in the following decades.

Investments turned to leverage new technologies that truly transformed the electricity distribution sector. The Smart Metering (AMI) then became the basis for the creation of electrical networks.

In addition to the traditional requirements for remote measurement, cut and reconnection, several other features took over the market, increasing the complexity of new solutions available. Real-time voltage and current information, power failure information, non-technical loss management through IoT and the establishment of new tariff arrangements are just a few examples.

In Brazil, specifically, non-technical losses have been the main target of suppliers and solution developers that invest heavily against fraud. In this context, we place ourselves as a prominent actor with high expertise and technical capacity for the constant development of technological innovations that have transformed the history of our clients and partners.

Recent IoT market expansion increased the importance of new intelligent electricity metering networks. According to Cisco projections, in the coming years, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide. Energy supply will be crucial to the maintenance of smart cities, autonomous cars, digitized industries and smart healthcare systems.

Aware of this new reality and great opportunities that arise from it, we build our strategy and guide investments in a way that is fully compatible with the latest technologies, anticipating demands of the energy sector from Brazilian and abroad.

We therefore stand as a strategic partner for digital transformation that will completely affect the world in a way never seen before.