Recognized by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), this project – Projeto ABSOLUTO -is the latest invention in energy billing measurement.

It brings the configuration of an electronic meter of electrical parameters with six or more measuring elements, creating the concept of a Host Meter, a deep revolution for the energy  utilities.

Unprecedented and considered the most significant billing measurement invention worldwide, Projeto ABSOLUTO idealizes a multi-consumer meters standard, which represents the most intelligent, effective and economical way to measure electricity distribution.

Based on a unique and innovative project, it meets the need to bill and fight against losses in different applications in collectivities – either the traditional distribution boxes of collective use buildings or the Centralized Measurement Systems applications – applied to avoid losses but marked by high cost and lack of standardization.

More specifically, ABSOLUTO is a Host Meter whose execution, mechanical and electrical arrangement – as well as the implementation of hardware and software – provide predetermined intelligent meters – single-phase, biphasic and three-phase – that share all the physical components of the host meter.

Projeto ABSOLUTO credits STAR MEASURE as a technology supplier to companies that provide solutions for electric energy billing. We have already completed the development of ABOSLUTO SM-12, the first model of the line, and we are in the process of being certified at INMETRO for broad commercialization in the Brazilian market.

STAR MEASURE wants to expand its technology. Under our protection of intellectual property, we have built different models of partnerships through which other companies can manufacture and sell the SM-12 model in different countries, based on our project.

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