Every year in Brazil, non-technical losses of energy compromise a significant part of the electric power distributors’ revenue, burdening energy tariffs for society.

Only in 2015, according to Instituto Acende, Brazilian commercial losses exceeded 8 billion reais. More than 15 million megawatts of power have not been billed due to fraud, clandestine connections or lack of maintenance on metering equipments.

According to ANEEL, in 2016, approximately 3% of distribution tariffs compensated for losses of this nature, but 79% of distributors had their losses glossed by the agency for being above the established limits. The total energy not transferred was 10.5 TWh.

Within this scenario, STAR MEASURE designed and developed the easyMEASURE Line, composed of equipments that aim to facilitate and enable the fight against commercial losses suffered by distributors.

easyMEASURE is the result of a deep background in application and fight against losses and development of solutions for distributors. The line is composed of precision equipments, high durability and practicality in the operation.

  • easyTRAFO, energy meters for energy balance and quality monitoring in low voltage circuits
  • easyVER, customer verification meters for fiscal measurement.
  • easyCAL, standard field meter for calibration of electromechanical and electronic meters.

Our proven expertise and high infrastructure guarantee the offer of solutions with competitive costs, enabling projects of different extensions.

Contact us, and request a demonstration of easyTRAFO, already available in the market.

easyVER is scheduled to launch in February 2019. easyCAL, for June 2019.