Welcome to STAR MEASURE, a registered brand of MGE Medições Elétricas Ltda.

We have created a history of success focused on development and application of innovative technologies in electric energy billing.


Considered an outstanding reference in the Brazilian electric billing market, Luiz Paulo Saletti founded MGE in 1998, focusing on consulting services. The main objective was to make available to the market his 30-year knowledge in legal metrology for acquisition of electric power, acquired during the period he leaded the Power Measurement sector of Companhia de Distribuição de Energia Elétrica (CEEE).

Between 2002 and 2012, MGE directed the Product Engineering of a leading Meters Manufacturing company in Brazil, with more than 20 models certified by Instituto Nacional de Metrologia Legal (INMETRO). Among them, the country’s first Smart Meter.


For years, MGE was practically the legal person of Saletti. In 2015, Giuliano Saletti assumed the executive direction, starting a new moment of the company.

Giuliano invested in the professionalization of MGE, which left behind its familiar configuration. He rebuilt the corporate structure bringing new talents to the company and focused on its capitalization in order to conquer the market.

By that moment, two business fronts were created: one to provide service deployment and operation of smart grids and the other focused on the research and development of technological innovations with a focus on measuring and electricity billing protection.

Since then, MGE has already provided services to more than 20 electric power distributors in 14 Brazilian states, consolidating itself as a technical reference in intelligent measurement.

Know more about MGE (www.mgers.com.br).

Research and Technological Innovation

Since 2016, with its Engineering already structured, MGE has directed important financial investments to Research and Development (R & D).

A team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience – both in the development of measurement solutions and in the application of electric energy billing solutions in energy distributors – has created products with a high level of excellence from forward great ideas.

The focus has always been on innovation with creativity, without losing the applicability of its solutions. MGE products unite robustness, quality, precision, as well as economic feasibility, and high standard of information security.

Products and Partnerships

The Projeto ABSOLUTO – the latest intelligent measurement invention internationally recognized by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) – was the great motivator for the creation of STAR MEASURE.

Considered the world’s most significant invention for billing measurement, Projeto ABSOLUTO brings to the market an unprecedented Host Meter concept and idealizes a multi-consumer meters standard.

This innovation credits STAR MEASURE as a technology provider to companies that develop solutions focused on Utilities. Thus, interested companies are able to acquire license to manufacture and commercialize the products that make up the ABSOLUTO Line of Meters.

Also aware that customers, in addition to billing, aim for revenue protection by combating anomalies and irregularities, the easyMEASURE line of equipments is in development. Fully focused on combating commercial losses from energy distributors, the line is composed of easyTRAFO – to be launched this year – and easyVER and easyCAL – with launches scheduled for 2019.

“Building new partnerships plays a strategic role for STAR MEASURE, as we believe it is critical to scale our technologies nationally and internationally. We are certain that we will revolutionize the market through innovative solutions with a high standard of quality and economic viability.